A family favorite – children and adults alike will enjoy spending time at our petting farm! You’ll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with our animal family.

These docile creatures love the attention and kids will be thrilled with the chance to handfeed the variety of animals. Our animal friends at W.A.Y. are part of our family and all have names and personalities of their own. Come visit us and meet the crew!

Buttercup and Ringo

Buttercup and Ringo are miniature donkeys. Buttercup is the Mom of Ringo. They have a special bond and are inseparable.  Ringo was born onsite at W.A.Y in the spring of 2013.  Our boy is turning 10 this year!  A little hard to tell apart, Mama is a little more “robust” and Ringo was named because of his Beatles like “fringe”. Both are good natured; love attention and Ringo especially is very vocal and lets us know when it’s time to start “work” and when he is done for the day.


Spirit was purchased in 2012 from a farm in Alberta when he was 5. Spirit was originally purchased for his Royal Canadian Mounted Police official “look” and was occasionally ridden by our local Mountie on site. While still a beauty, he likes to spend his days interacting with our guests and his evenings with his best buddy Splash.


Splash was rehomed to W.A.Y. in 2016 from our Ferrier friends in the local area. Splash used to be ridden by their grandkids in barrel races and he was relocated to W.A.Y. to retire. Splash and Spirit were not too sure of each other when Splash arrived but have since become buddies and inseparable when in their grazing fields.

Fainting Goats

Our 3 little fainting goat friends became part of our family in 2022, when we rehomed them from the Four Kids Farm in Alberta. Two boys and a girl, we’ve got Rupert, Waffle, and Little Frankie. Fainting goats are characterized by a hereditary condition that may cause them to stiffen or fall over when excited or startled. This has been rare with this crew so far, but not to worry if you see one of them fall over! It doesn’t hurt them, and they get up as quick as they fall. We’ve refurbished their enclosure by removing the goat walk to avoid any potential fainting accidents. Frankie is our littlest, but most vocal and he’s always the first to look for treats and attention.


BB and Zelda round out our goat crew. B.B. is the oldest of the gang and can be a little on the bossy side! She loves our guests; however, she has no problem pushing her other goat pals out of the way for treats. Zelda was born at W.A.Y. in 2014 and these two are fast friends.


While not native to Yukon, who doesn’t love these goofy, but adorable animals? New to W.A.Y. for 2023 – we’ve added four alpacas to our family! Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty round out our team. These guys personalities are as unique as their colorings.

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